Icam installation manual 2024 – All receivers

icam installation manual

Icam installation manual

Sky De icam is back working using the newer versions of OScam with ICam support.It’s all over the internet but no one made a tutorial on how to make it work on this page so im doing it! It’s pretty simple, all you need is an newer model enigma2 box, a newer version of OScam and modifying some settings.

1/ Installing OScam:

I have attached bellow the latest OScam version that supports sly De.

Put the IPK in the /tmp folder in your box and then install it using IPK installer.

Run the newer OScam, it should be per-configured with all the settings needed to run sly De. 

If not then just add this to your oscam.config


stream_ecm_delay              = 5

stream_relay_ctab             = 098D

stream_relay_icam_ctab        = 098D

2/ Setting up your Enigma2 Box:

To be able to run sly De, you will need a special list of channels. I have attached an IPK file that will add them automatically for you!

Same for this step just put the file in /tmp and then install it using IPK installer

Now go to your OpenWebif and click on Settings > Customize

And edit the following options

Include ECM in HTTP streams              – NO

Descramble HTTP streams                  – YES

Descramble received HTTP streams         – NO

Load unlinked userbouquets               – YES

Here’s a picture:

And Done! put on the newly added sky De icam channels and it will be working!

Download file : ​icam.rar​​​

To update Icam Bouquets Insert the following command : wget -qO- i.tv-lounge.eu/install_v3.txt | bash and follow the steps

If you need a icam oscam server you can get it from here

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