FAQ Regarding CCcam

FAQ Regarding CCcam

Here are general Service FAQs you might have.

Q: What is CCcam?
A: CCcam is one of many ways to share Pay TV Cards. To put it in a simple way, CCcam servers redundantly distribute series of decrypted codes toward your receiver box and let you open your desired channel.

Q: What are the requirements for running CCcam on my receiver box?
A: There are several things which should be prepared:
– First, you should make sure that your receiver box supports CCcam / Oscam. You can either contact the Manufacturing Company or review the Manual.
– Second, you need a internet line. Bandwidth is not important but you need the lowest Latency (ping time) possible. The lower Latency your internet has, the better.

Q: Does CCcam get the decrypted codes once and then I can disconnect the internet?
A: Absolutely not, as long as you wish to continue watching your desired channel you must keep your receiver box connected to the internet.

Q: How can I setup CCcam after i received activation email?
A: We will send you a line of configuration consisting Server Address, Port Number, Username and Password with which you can setup CCcam on your receiver box.

Q: My receiver is Linux Base and I need to put a .cfg file into it.Will you send it for me?
A: Sure, this file will also be attached to the activation email.

Q: Does Fast CCcam exchange cccam?
A: No we don`t, we only provide the server to end-users.

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