March 31, 2018

CCcam Prio File

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To help you have a faster channel zapping, avoid weak CAID/Providers and keep your box focused on the proper CAID/Providers we are strong on, we suggest you use our Prio File.

What is a prio file?

Prio is the short for of “Priority” . A prio file has specific configs telling your box to focus on which cards, caids and providers.

For instance on a package like Sky Italia There are 3 cards, 0919, 093B and 09CD. As you may know 09CD is the best caid out there for Sky Italia So its best to focus the box on 09CD.

Another instance is Canalsat France, which has 3 cards 0100, 1811 and 0500. Our HD channels of this package are best on caid 0100 and very bad on caid 0500. So we focus HD of this on 0100.

Anyways, proper config is done to our prio file and you can open it using a Notepad to see it`s content.

We will keep updating our prio file from time to time. So keep visiting this page and pay attention to the release dates.

Click this Link

Then Copy all the text and insert it in notepad. Save it with name CCcam.Prio as All Files !